• Essentials for self-study and maintenance of ladder wells

    Elevator shaft self-learning means that the elevator runs at self-learning speed and measures the position of each floor and the position of each switch in the shaft.The floor position is the basis fo

    2020/01/17 admin 2

  • Analysis of the force of the escalator step roller (Part A)

    Hefei Gee-U Lift-tech Escalator Step roller is an important part of the escalator.Step rollers are an important part of the escalator.To this end, the state has specially formulated type test requirem

    2019/11/20 admin 6

  • The difference between elevators and escalators

    Elevators and escalators are used to transport people or things, so what is the difference between them? Different nature An elevator is a permanent transport device that serves a certain floor of a b

    2019/10/16 admin 2

  • Why do escalators sometimes stop?

    Due to the lack of energy and power resources, the operation of escalators under no-load conditions has become a huge waste. If the escalator can automatically detect the no-load state for a period of

    2019/10/09 admin 4

  • Introduction Of Escalator Handrails

    The fittings handrail belt are molded into a stable shape of a long-lasting escalator handrail by heating the raw material having a preliminary shape and vulcanizing it under high pressure for a perio

    2019/09/29 admin 2

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